Weight Control


It’s a sad fact that there are growing levels of obesity amongst the dog population. Obesity contributes to many health problems including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other mobility problems. 

Whilst there are a number of causes of dog obesity there is evidence to suggest that over treating is the most common problem

Of course it’s nice to treat our dogs, and there is nothing wrong with that. But we do need to make sure that their overall calorie consumption, including treats, isn’t too much.  

Fish4Dogs Low-Calorie Treats.

Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky is a low calorie treat – with only 2.5 calories in each Sea Jerky Tiddler. This compares favourably to the 50 or even over 100 calories found in some dental treats. Used sensibly, Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky allows you to treat your dogs for a fraction of the calories.

That doesn’t mean you can feed them unlimited quantities of Sea Jerky. Not least as if you fil them up with treats then they won’t eat their dinner. However it  but it does mean that you can give them a few delicious treats safe in the knowledge that you aren’t piling on calories.

On our foods you will see feeding guidelines. It is important to remember that these are a guideline and each dog will be different with different activity levels and different metabolic rates.  

Start with the feeding guidelines and then monitor your dog's weight and either increase or decrease portion size as needs be. It helps if you weigh the portions that you give so you can more accurately adjust them.

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