Skin Conditions

Omega 3 found in Fish4Dogs can help with skin conditions.  However it is a healthy food and not a medicine and so it is important to say that if you are worried you should see a vet.

Reduce Skin Inflammation.

Whatever the cause many skin conditions involve inflammation of the skin.  The EPA & DHA Omega 3s found in Fish4Dogs are powerful natural anti-inflammatory agents that help reduce irritation so improving the skin condition.

Skin Hydration.

Fish oils promote the production of sebum, Sebum is a lubricating oily waxy substance that helps make supple, hydrated skin.

Low Sensitivity Ingredients. 

One of the common causes of skin conditions in dogs are allergies or sensitivities to foods.  The most common ingredients causing this are wheat and beef.  Fish however has low levels of intolerance and we use potato and pea, rather than grains, as the carbohydrate.

Pet Food Manufacturer's Association Ethical Company Organisation International Organization for Standardization