One of the questions that we are most often asked is "Do dogs like the taste of fish?" – the short answer is Yes, very much so.

Although dogs have significantly fewer taste buds than humans they do have a highly developed sense of smell and there is no doubt that dogs know what they like and don’t like.

Another question that we are often asked is “Doesn’t your food smell of fish” The only we can give to that is “Yes it does - sorry – the dogs like it”

Dogs much prefer the stronger tastes and aromas of fish than the bland taste of a food filled with processed meats, cereals and fillers.

There is also evidence that dogs can detect the Umami taste – sometimes called the 5th taste and described as savouriness. Fish is the main source of the Umami taste – which is why the Romans devoted so many resources to the production and export of fish sauce throughout the Roman empire.

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