There are some people who work at Fish4Dogs but who wants to know about them? Here are the real characters behind Fish4Dogs - the office dogs and cats.

Zac is a one year old lively and playful golden Labrador. He has endless amounts of energy, loves going for long walks and playing fetch. He likes to spend his holidays on the beach running wild, digging in the sand and swimming in the sea. His favourite time of the day has to be dinner time! He particularly enjoys going to work so that he can socialise with the other dogs and see his girlfriend, Sadie!


Princess Tia is a very chatty, naughty Tortie cat, who always has to have the last word.  She adores our Fish4Cats Complete Food- the mackerel flavour in particular and especially loves the Finest Mousse for cats.  She has even been known to drag empty pouches out of the bin, just so she can check she hasn’t missed any! In her spare time, Princess enjoys taking long naps and making new friends with the birds in the garden


Whiskey is an energetic and eager 5 year old friendly Border Terrier cross Parson Jack Russell.  He is a happy and affectionate little chap who is very even tempered and loves cuddles and his walks.  Whiskey is a very intelligent boy who is partial to the odd ball theft and prone to selective hearing particularly when playing with other dogs in the field. Whiskey is everyone’s mate – the socialite of the dog world!



Brynhilda – Born in 2013 a small black cat, very affectionate when she feels like it.  Likes fish but also has quite a taste for small rodents and has recently started to hunt the ducks that surround her home.  So far hasn’t managed to catch any.



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