As well as our famous Sea Jerky Dog Treats we have a selection of delicious and healthy fishy treats for you to pamper your dogs with.




Fish4Dogs Sea Wraps.

Made from sweet potato wrapped in fish skins. Sweet potato is a wonderful veggie, low in calories (an average of 7 calories per treat) and rich in Potassium and Vitamin A. Sweet potatoes are an ideal accompaniment to Fish providing healthy and delicious guilt free treats.

Download Sea Wraps Nutritional Analysis PDF

Fish4Dogs Sea Biscuits.

Made from 95% fish and 5% rice. Sea Biscuits are a healthy, tasty and natural alternative to processed products.

Download Sea Biscuits Nutritional Analysis PDF


Super Stars Training Treats.

Small, natural rewards packed with fish and infused with Salmon Oil .  Smelly enough to catch your dog’s attention, tasty enough to have them come back for more and small enough to be used often during training.

Download Superstar Training Treats Nutritional Analysis PDF

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